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   Welcome to my musical home away from home. Herein you may find some things to interest the drumming enthusiast in you. The articles and exercises are intended to help you become a better drummer.

   Enjoy your stay!

   Everything on this website is free! This is one of my hobbies, and it gives me great joy to share with you some of the things I have learned in over 40 years of drumming.

   However, some of you have enjoyed the site so much, you have asked if you can make a financial contribution to help keep it running. I've politely refused these in the past, but I've recently decided to give you a mechanism to make a donation, if you would like to.

   I created a Pay Pal Donations page. Simply click on the button below and you will be taken to this page. You will be returned to the Drumming Web when you are finished.

   There is no obligation, of course. Enjoy the site!


What's New

   I've added Search capabilities to the site! You can now search the Tomás Howie Drumming Web! This search engine is provided by Atomz. Try it! (This search feature will be on the bottom of the left-hand menu on every page.)


What's New

   I'm continually striving to improve this site; be it new exercises, sound files, monthly lessons, and other features. This is the spot to look for site improvements. If you have any ideas you would like to see included on this site, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

    · Well, it's knocking on 2013, and it has been almost 6 years since I've updated drummingweb. I've moved on from the forum (gone), the Yahoo Groups (they closed them down), and Myspace. You can find me on Facebook, and my own web site, tomashowie.com, where you will find my artwork and music files. I hope to put some new content here in 2013. But, there's still lots here to help you be a better drummer. (9/23/2012)

    · In the 10 years this site has been up I've received thousands of emails; most have been questions, but the tone has always been positive, and the compliments have been many - and humbling. TODAY I received my FIRST hate email:

    I will never visit Tomas Howies site again. It would take forever to explain why and you still would not understand that God, politics and drumming have nothing to do with each other. But like the Neo-con that you are you must ruin everything. Unbelievable.

    Jerry N. Florida

  Two Googles should suffice here (you'll have to weed through some irrelevant lnks to find the millions of relevant ones):

  Thanks, Jerry! I'm glad I took the time to look through some of these pages. One quote stood out:

    "An ancient African prophet said, 'God is dumb, until the drum speaks.'"

    · Monthly Drum Lesson - A new lesson every month. This month we look at Charting (09/01/05).· I added a Pay Pal "Make a Donation" Button for folks who are interested in saying "Thanks!" with a little coin. It's at the top of the Home Page. (08/03/05) · The Online section of The Drum Resources Directory has surpassed 1,000 links! · I finally finished the update of the Drum Resources Directory section! · I added an Atomz Search bar to the bottom of each page in the site.· I've started using the EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones for my drumming sessions - mainly for rehearsing, recording, and performing. They're perfect for drummers! Click here for a full review of the EX-29s.· The Practice Tips are now current. I have updated the Equipment page to reflect changes in my gear. I have also updated the Heroes page to remove dead links and update existing links. I also removed the CDNow links - it was never a valued service.· EDO has updated his Independence Exercises, called "Bass and Snare drum independence workout on Jazz Style." The new file replaces the old file - the Key file is the same. Both can be read with Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The links below will dowload each file. You can email EDO here. These documents are copyright by Edward Hironimus Wulia and are used by permission; all rights reserved.

    · The Rudiments page has been updated to reflect changes in Rudimentary Drumming. There are now two pages: the first page presents the old, standard NARD 26 Essential Rudiments of Drumming; the second page (linked from the first) presents the PASIC 40 International Drum Rudiments. Enjoy!· I finally listened to your patient prodding and got a domain name! www.drummingweb.com. Had to change the site name to fit it, though! :-) Please update your bookmarks. If you have a link to this site on your own site, please change it to reflect the new URL. Thanks!· Thanks to the prodding of readers, I've added a section on Snare Drum Tuning under the Tuning page.· Many of the Exercises now include Real Audio sound files! Just click on next to the Exercise to hear the file. (If you need an updated plug-in, just click on the Real 5.0 Player button at the bottom of the page.) The pages that include sound files are Linear Drumming, Paradiddles, Reading Music, and Rhythms of Prog.· Thanks to Modern Drummer and Matt Peiken for the write-up in the August 1999 issue. While I think the site is far from "basic", I appreciate the interest. If you've come here because of the MD article, please drop me a line and let me know!· Reading Music - A new page has been added to help you get started in the important skill of reading music.· To get back to this home page, click on the "Tomás Howie Drumming Web" graphic at the top of the screen from any page in the web.· To send me an e-mail, click on the little face at the bottom of the screen (it's called a Wit-Won, but I'm not supposed to tell you that). The subject line will indicate the page you're on.

    · I have included a handy pop-up window that explains the notation used on this site. Every page that includes notation will have the following graphic at the bottom of the page:

    Notation key

    This will launch the Notation Key pop-up window, which you can leave up for easy reference. Try it now!

   This spot will feature additions and changes in the site as they warrant.

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