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   It has been my desire for some time to do a monthly lesson page for you. In putting together these lessons, I will be drawing from over 30 years experience both as a drummer and as a student. I hope you will find them helpful.

   The way to get the most out of these lessons is to find your skill level and begin to move up from there, but please check out every lesson! There may be something you can use in there. Begining drummers should start with Lesson #1 and move up from there (actually, Lesson #1 is designed for everybody!).

   Start slow and build speed. You will get the best results if you do each lesson every day for at least a week before moving on. If you catch up, then work on each lesson three times a week for the month. It may get boring to you, but your muscles are learning and will improve. Try to develop your own variations as you progress: this will help keep you interested and develop your ability to create.

   Just click on the link below to load up your lesson, grab your sticks, and start drummin'!

   If you wish to be notified when the Monthly Lesson is updated, you will need to subscribe to our discussion group Rudiments. I will be sending notices of new lessons to the group.

   In the past visitors submitted their email for a private notice about new lessons. Unfortunately, this list has grown too big to maintain (over 500), so I'm forced to ask you to subscribe to the discussion group.

   All you need to do is put your email address in the following form and click the "Join Now!" button to send it off. You will be taken to a Yahoo!Groups page where you will be asked to choose a password and fill in a short form. Nothing intrusive here: just your name, city, state, country, and age (I'd like to know where the subscribers are from so I can get an idea of the global Rudiments community).

   You will then get a welcome message in your email with instructions on verifying your subscription; you must verify to be added.

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