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PASIC Rudiments

   The 40 rudiments on this page are identified as the Percussive Arts Society International Drum Rudiments, and include the original Twenty-Six Essential Rudiments of Drumming as identified by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers and other rudiments that have been developed over the years.

   The original 26 rudiments are noted by an asterisk (*) - the notations for some will be different than the NARD notations. These Rudiments are presented in the order identified by PASIC.

    1. Single Stroke Roll *

Single Stroke Roll

    2. Single Stroke Four

Single Stroke Four

    3. Single Stroke Seven

Single Stroke Seven

    4. Multiple Bounce Roll

Multiple Bounce Roll

    5. Triple Stroke Roll

Triple Stroke Roll

    6. Double Stroke Open Roll *

Double Stroke Open Roll

    7. Five Stroke Roll *

Five-Stroke Roll

    8. Six Stroke Roll

Six-Stroke Roll

    9. Seven Stroke Roll *

Seven Stroke Roll

    10. Nine Stroke Roll *

Nine-Stroke Roll

    11. Ten Stroke Roll *

Ten-Stroke Roll

    12. Eleven Stroke Roll *

Eleven-Stroke Roll

    13. Thirteen Stroke Roll *

Thirteen-Stroke Roll

    14. Fifteen Stroke Roll *

Fifteen-Stroke Roll

    15. Seventeen Stroke Roll

Seventeen-Stroke Roll

    16. Single Paradiddle *

Single Paradidle

    17. Double Paradiddle *

Double Paradiddle

    18. Triple Paradiddle

Triple Paradiddle

    19. Single Paradiddle-Diddle

Single Paradiddle-diddle

    20. Flam *


    21. Flam Accent *

Flam Accent

    22. Flam Tap *

Flam Tap

    23. Flamacue *


    24. Flam Paradiddle *

Flam Paradiddle

    25. Single Flammed Mill

Single Flammed Mill

    26. Flam Paradiddle-Diddle *

Flam Paradiddle-Diddle

    27. Pataflafla


    28. Swiss Army Triplet

Swiss Army Triplet

    29. Inverted Flam Tap

Inverted Flam Tap

    30. Flam Drag

Flam Drag

    31. Drag (Ruff) *


    32. Single Drag Tap *

Single Drag Tap

    33. Double Drag Tap *

Double Drag Tap

    34. Lesson 25 (Ratatap) *

Lesson 25

    35. Single Dragadiddle

Single Dragadiddle

    36. Drag Paradiddle 1 *

Drag Paradiddle #1

    37. Drag Paradiddle 2 *

Drag Paradiddle #2

    38. Single Ratamacue *

Single Ratamacue

    39. Double Ratamacue *

Double Ratamacue

    40. Triple Ratamacue *

Triple Ratamacue

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