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New Practice Tips

   For ambidexterity do a para-diddle with your right foot and hand and do a para-diddle-diddle with your left foot and left hand.put your right hand on the bell of your ride and left on the snare.

   I got this Right and it sounds Awesome when you do it right, It'll also keep you busy lol. Totsiens!

    Jarryd West

   Try putting a CD on, whether Jazz, Funk whatever, and play the same tempo as the song is playing at.Play using one of your hands and then switch. Don't limit yourself to singles though, try playing doubles as well and fuse these together to make random patterns on a practice pad or snare drum. (E.G.R RR R R RRR RR...)I found that when playing to higher tempo music it helped a lot with hand technique and speed. it's also quite enjoyable once you start to really feel the music. It's also great for warmups!

    Have fun bru!

   P.S. South Africa ROCKS!

    Jarryd West

   Before you practice, have a mind set of what you want to achieve, don't just practice because you materials but practice because you have what you want to achieve.


   a good way to practice rudiments is to start with your left hand{right hand if your a leftie} that way you ban be alot faster and alternate better

    "tweek" mitchell

   I've been playing for 3yrs and people say i sound better than most people who have been playing for 5-6yrs and I owe this to goals set.I listen to music a way beyond my level and try to practice then fictionally(i.e without drums),i might not get it fully but i have an idea but what caps my practise is the basic stickings i do which i belive most drummers use(single,double & triple strokes,flem variations, paradiddle variations)...and a combination of these at diff patterns help to dicifer to a huge level what seemed to be difficult initially.Also reading and understanding notes help to arrange the musical arrengements of some songs on paper that cant be pieced mentally.thats what has helped me so far.thats that for now.


   Write notes on the skin of your snare drum. i.e breathing tips , posture, and also a few short bullet points on rudiments and patterns to build dexterity in both hands and feet! (RLRR LRLL etc or 5 stroke patterns or quintuplets. Hope this helps!

    Dario Di Ruzza

   Practice your rudiments each day 15-25 minutes on a single drum.

   Then, practice creating your own unique patterns distributing them all over your set.

   Practice playing along to different styles of music... Indian, Classical or Spanish types of music for starters.


   Learn to crawl before you walk, learn to read music, do not close your mind to any type of music, jam with as many musos as you can find, don't try to become buddy rich or lars ulrich, be the best drummer you can be, and others will be drawn to you. You will have your own feel, and style. There is no right or wrong, it just " is ". Never give up, if you are struggling with something new, play it over slowly, slowly- eventually it will come, and it's so much sweeter when you've mastered it- and you can hear that extra effort, make no mistake about it. Like so many things in life, it's not what you do, but HOW you do it.


   Before Starting any PRACTICE>>> Drink a GLASS of PLAIN WATER and REMAIN SILENT and FOCUSED for 1 minute. ( this increases Ur FOCUS.)

   Next Practice SINGLE STROKE (R L R L). (start with 80 bpm) (this will make UR hand and finger Muscle more towards DRUMMING)

   Practice (R R R R L L L L). (start with 80bpm) (this will increase UR each hand Independence)

    MAKE above UR WARM-UP MOVES....within a week U will notice GREAT changes in your HANDS


   Play all paradiddle versions between bassdrum and snare (Rs on the BD, Ls on the snare), but play the snare part (the Ls) as rimshot accents over a RR LL RR LL longroll. A little tricky, cause some of the rimshots will fall on the right hand, some will fall on the left hand. Makes good fills and licks.

    Have fun,


   "Practice makes perfect". A very-very helpful sentence.

   To increase your drumming speed, practice with a metronome on paradiddles, single strokes or whatever. Start with a low speed, and with the time increase it.

   Practice like that for sometime (10~20 minutes), take a break for a minute and call someone. Tell him to do single strokes, laugh on him and start your single strokes. You won't belive your speed.


   This is a good practice for people who want to increase their show off ability while drumming. After every beat or two you hit on the snare roll or flip your stick but keep yourself at the same beat as you would without doing that and slowly work your way to faster speeds.

   Another great thing to do is something called the helicopter. This is where your right hand is out and spinning around hitting the snare with both sides and your left hand is hitting doubles. It is also another great way to show off your skill when you get good at it.

   The sound it sould make is as if you are pulling off very fast paradiddles.


   I like this one:

   Play a paradiddle between kick and high-hat on quarter notes and play one at the same time between the snare and ride, going twice as fast. I have heard this called a mega-diddle and it sounds sick if when you get it right and can form a very cool foundation fo some really jazzy/funky grooves.

Another favourite paradiddle exercises is this:

   Play a series of 8 consecutive paradiddles. On the 1st one, accent the 1st beat, on the 2nd accent the 2nd beat, and the 3d the 3d etc, right round all 8 paradiddles. It may be easier to accent the beats with a tom tom to start with, but try to make it convincing on the snare too, as this is particularly good practice (and quite hard to make sound good at speed)

   This is really good for increasing accuracy with your accenting


   I like practice basic triplet and paradiddles on a soft pillow or a cushion with heavier sticks that what I would usually use. Whilst doing these wear some headphones. The aim is to focus on the feel and the bounce of the tip of the stick hitting the pad.....not the actual sound.

   After 15 minutes take off the headphones, get out the practice pad and switch to your normal weight of won't believe the speed built up in 15 minutes time. uncanny.

    trevor fleming

   You just gotta love it man.

    Kenneth Dale Kimbrough

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