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Drum Makers
  • Ace Bodhrans by Mance Grady - Proven top quality bodhráns (Irish frame drum) made by Master bodhrán player Mance Grady - since 1975.
  • African Percussion - Hand-crafted African drums; djembes. Also called Rhythm Journey.
  • Akai Professional - Instrument division website.
  • AK drums - Engraved brass-shell snaredrums with the old-style soldered back bearing edges - custom engraving - plating - restoration of engraved drums.
  • AKG Acoustics - Microphone manufacturers.
  • Alesis Electronics - Snappy looking homepage.
  • Altec Lansing Professional - Speakers and sound reinforcement.
  • Alternatemode - KAT manufacturer.
  • Applied Microphone Technologies - Microphones designed to meet your playing needs.
  • Arbiter Group PLC - Makers of the Arbiter lugless snare drum (yes, lugless).
  • ArtisanPercussion.Com - Custom made Metal and wood drums. Repair and Pro paint services. Finest drums in the world.
  • Armadolli Ent. - Makers of ddrum.
  • Audix Corporation - A broad product base of high-quality professional sound equipment.
  • Audio-Technica - Microphone manufacturers.
  • Axis Percussion - Axis Foot Pedals. There's nothing else like them.
  • Ayotte Drums - Unique, beautiful instruments. Check them out.
  • Mike Balter Mallets - makers of keyboard, timpani, bass drum, chime, and gong mallets.
  • Barrelhouse Drum Company - Custom Drum makers; just as the name implies: drums made out of barrels!
  • The Bearing Edge - Custom wood hoop drums.
  • Beier Drums - Manufacturer of some of the most unqiue snare drums avaiable today.
  • Big Bang Distribution - Makers of Easton ///Ahead Drumsticks.
  • Black Swamp Percussion - Handcrafted percussion instruments.
  • Bill Blast Drums - Billy Blast Builds his own acoustic and electric (which can also be played acousticly!) drumsets .Keller shells and great prices. Long history as a drummer.
  • Bob's Drum Barn - Drummers, news, products, custom drums and hoops - it's all here in the UK.
  • Boom Theory - Electro-Percussion Systems.
  • Bosphorus Cymbals - Complete line of cymbals, including dealers.
  • B.Rad Percussion High Tech Talking Drums - Custom built drums. Stand-mounted. Fits into any drum or percussion setup. Foot-Action changes the pitch. Both stick and hand percussion models.
  • Brady Drum Company / Chris Brady & Craftsmen - Excellent drums from Down Under.
  • Cakewalk Music Software - Scoring, sequencing, and recording software.
  • Carvin - Great sound systems, PAs, mixers, and speakers.
  • ClearSonic Mfg - Leading manufacturer of drum shields, accessories, and other acoustic products.
  • Clevelander Drum Company - Makers of snare drums, timpani sticks and timpani.
  • Columbia Products International - We are one of the leading manufacturers & wholesale distributors of Percussion, Ethnic Musical Instruments Makers and natural skins.
  • Conaway Drums - Small, but very custom drum builder who's prices are unbelievably affordable and service very personalized. Many drummers would benefit from being able to view this site if they are considering an affordable and custom built kit.
  • Cooperman Fife and Drum Company - Well-made and well-priced reproduction toys, games, and other pieces of the past.
  • Creative Projects Practice Pads - The PAD-L Practice Pad , The PADD Practice Pad , The Dynabee Wrist Exerciser, Quiet-Tone Drum Mutes.
  • customdrumsticks - Inexpensive hickory drumsticks in many sizes with your logo or name in colors.
  • custommarimba - Maker of African and chromatic marimba, African mbira.
  • J. D'Addario & Co., Inc. - Makers of Evans Drumheads.
  • Dauz - Electronic drum products.
  • ddrum Electronic Drums - Armadillo Enterprises, home of ddrum.
  • ddrum & Triggerheads - With Triggerheads your acoustic drumkit sounds that loud like an acoustic Guitar! - The easiest way to get an E-Drum out of a bio drum is to change the heads into Triggerheads.
  • Definitive Drum Company - A website that shows the products and features, along with everything else having to do with these custom drums, but also we will have a whole education section, covering everything from the properties of exotic woods to rudiments to history!!
  • Devil's Workshop Custom Drums - The world's most evil handcrafted drums! All of our drums are custom made, we mass produce nothing.
  • DrumStickGrips - Reusable, ergonomic rubber Drum Stick Grips. $9.99 w/free shipping.
  • Drum Solo - Drum Solo custom drums crafted by Greg Gaylord. These drums are designed with the working drummer in mind. They are durable, affordable and most of all, they are some of the finest sounding drums on the market today.
  • Drum Tech - Drum triggers.
  • Drum Workshop Drums and Drum Equipment - Beautiful homepage for dw: just what you'd expect from them!
  • Drumdaddy Drums - Quality custom hand-made drums. Drums to express individuality and design. Made in the USA.
  • Drumometer - Measures hand speed. Great teaching tool.
  • DrumSkinz Graphic Drum Wraps - Graphic drum wraps, custom drum finishes and unique drum covering material for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • JimiGrips Drum Stick Grips - Reusable,ergonomic,thin,lightweight, firm rubber Drum Stick Grips that enhance stick control as well as pivot point. You can align wood grain which drastically reduces stick breakages. Designed for all types of matched grip playing.
  • Drumwear.com - Gifts for drummers - Drummer gifts, clothing & T shirts.
  • drumwerx - Custom made Drum Sets in Exotic & Burl veneers, as well as beginner & intermediate Drum sets. (plays annoying music at you!)
  • The Duallist Drum Pedals - The multi-award winning pedal brand. See everything from the Duallist Double pedal with one foot, The Duallist Triple beater pedal, Famous endorsees, testimonials and how to buy!
  • Dunnett Classic Drums - Custom built snare drums. You really have to see this!
  • E-MU Systems - Elctronic instruments and midi. Good links page for midi-heads. Now includes ensoniq.
  • Electro-Voice - Microphone manufacturer.
  • EMMite Drumsticks - Oriented polymer technology allows the molecules to align from the tip to the butt end of the sticks; the same stiffness as wood - lasting about 5x longer.
  • E-pad! - The E-pad endurance system for drummers is drum pad that is manufactured to respond more like your drums than other practice pads.
  • Equilibrium - Height-adjustable/tilting glockenspiel stands, log drums, mouksho piccolo wood blocks, magic flute brass mallets, bass drum mutes, percussion CDs.
  • Evans Heads - J. D'Addario & Company, Inc. is the manufacturer of Evans Drumheads.
  • Event Down Percussion - Event Down Percussion is a custom drum manufactuer.
  • Gibraltar - Makers of fine drum hardware. Part of the Kaman site.
  • Gk Music - Hearing Protection Stereo Headphones.
  • Fibes - Home of Fibes Drums.
  • FlexiMusic - Unique music software tools -- available to download -- for digital musicians to generate, compose, edit, compress, play and DJ.
  • Flint Percussion - Newton-le-willows, Merseyside, United Kingdom, WA12 9QJ - 0044 1925 228564 - flintpercussion@hotmail.co.uk - Manufacturer and supplier of the newly designed 'XTS' marching snare drum. We believe this drum is the lightest free-floating high tension snare drum ever made. The site also includes an interesting marching drum history section.
  • Frank Giorgini's UDU Drums - Handmade clay drums.
  • Golden Musical Instruments - Manufacturers and Exporters of Bagpipes, Bodhrans, Tambourines, etc.
  • Greenland Pipe Company - Bodhran, wooden spoons, beaters, tambourines, vellum drum heads, sgain dubhs, drum major maces, dejumbe, talking drums, temple blocks manufacturers exporters since 1930. Persistent pop-up ads.
  • Gretsch - The Gretsch Cafe!
  • Grip Peddler - A polyurethane foam pad which easily adheres to hi-hat and bass drum pedals. Probably the ugliest web site you'll ever see!
  • Grover Pro Percussion - Percussion, snares, and drums. Online catalog.
  • Handmade Rhythm - Heirloom quality Ashiko drums of distinctive character and sound.
  • Hart Dynamics - Makes neat electronic drum gear (everything except the brain). Manufacturers of Acupad.
  • Head Drums - Our site includes our company mission statement and photos and descriptions of our unique thin shell stave drums. It also has our contact information, some retail stores that carry our drums and players.
  • Heartsong Studios - Heartsong Studios is a small studio specializing in bringing you fine hand-crafted musical instruments: hand-thrown ceramic drums (doumbeks), wooden slit drums, and marimbas.
  • Humes & Berg - Manufacturers of drum cases.
  • HOLZ - Makers of nifty bass drum hole protectors.
  • Istanbul Mehmet - Handmade cymbals from Turkey.
  • JAG Drums - Traditional and modern African instruments.
  • Jackson Drums - Custom drum builder for professional drummers.
  • Jamal & Company - One of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality of musical instruments: Tamboreans, harps, djembes, bodhrans, bagpipes, conga, bonga drums, etc. (Site plays music when loaded.)
  • JohnnyraBB Drumstick Co. - Drumstick manufacturer and teacher
  • Joyful Vibrations Hand Drums - Unique, Djembe-like handmade drums. Very beautiful.
  • K&K Sound Systems - Sound amplification systems, drum/percussion mics, drum triggers, and drum pads.
  • Kaman Music Corp. - Legend Drums, Gibralter Hardware, Toca Percussion.
  • Kawada Taiko Drums - Kawada Taiko is a manufacturer of Japanese Taiko Drums. Look on the web site for their English page. They will ship around the world.
  • Kotz Handbuilt Drums & Percussion - The custom built ToneCajon is a modern tonal adaptation of the traditional Cuban & Peruvian Cajon.
  • Gerhard Kress - Maker of tuenable bodhrans - rope tensioned side drums and bass drums - arab bendirs - shaman drums - large, tuneable bodhran type drums (1.1m across) for group and therapeutic use.
  • Kress Drums - please note that I have a new address and phone number. I have been adviced not to advertise my address as my workshop is also my home but the email and website are still the same.
  • Kurzweil Music Systems - Electronic Drums and Accessories (under "Products").
  • LP Music Group - Makers of Latin Percussion instruments.
  • L.T. Lug Lock - Manufacturer of innovative, unique drumming accessories since 1980.
  • Levy's Leathers - Makers of leather stick, cymbal, and soft-sided drum bags.
  • Ludwig/Musser - Only the best drums in the world. What can I say? Includes an excellent database on Ludwig dealers.
  • MRP Drums - MRP offers serious musical instruments for younger aged drummers.
  • MadWaves - Information and demos on the MadPlayer(TM), the world's first and only hand-held digital studio and music composer.
  • Mapex Drums - Official site.
  • Masterwork Cymbal - We have a new Cymbal Factory in Istanbul-Turkey. We make handmade Turkish Cymbals.
  • Medicine Man Custom Drums - Custom drum page with product news, specs, prices, etc. Photo gallery and artist news included. Pop-ups.
  • Meinl - Maker of cymbals and ethnic percussion.
  • Metropolitan Cocktail Drums - The foremost maker of Cocktail Drums - The Clubster, the Hipster and the Trickster; Custom Cocktail drums with full kit sound.
  • Mid-East Mfg. - The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co.
  • Morgan Drums - Manufacturer of handmade African style percussion.
  • Musik de Razi - Makers & Exporters of Irish Bodhrans,Beaters,Vellum Drum Heads,Percussion Instruments,Pipe Band Instruments.
  • MyMi Drums, Inc - New 4D Drums features a true free floating design with a sound unlike any other drum on the market. Fully custom kits and snares are available.
  • Mystic Drums - Handcrafted red cedar and elk hide drums.
  • Nearfield Multimedia - Makes MIDI instruments for percussionists.
  • Ninio Corporation - All kind Ethnic Musical/Percussion Instruments & Animal Skin made Drum Heads of every type specialist.
  • Noble & Cooley - Company homepage (they sell toy drums, too!).
  • Opus Drums, Inc. - Manufacturer of Custom Steam Bent, Stacked Segment, and Ply snare drums and drum sets. Also does extensive repairs.
  • Pacific Drums and Percussion - Full Line drum manufacturer; division of Drum Workshop.
  • Paiste America, Inc. - Paiste cymbals.
  • Pearl Drums - Very nice website - check it out.
  • Peavey Drums - Peavey home page. Links to their drums page.
  • Percussive Innovations - PI sells a variety of practice pads, mutes, and tone tools for drummers.
  • Phattie Drums Co. - Smooth drums at smooth prices. Vented snares, vented kits, cocktail kits, anything and everything.
  • Pintech Electronic Percussion - Electric drums.
  • PK Percussion - Tambourine, Bodhran, Frame Drum, Talking Drum, Hand Drum, Bongo, Bagpipe, Practice Chanter, Harp, Horn, Cymbals, Dumbeck, Maracas, Ocarina, Wooden Spoon, Castinets, Agogo, Tone Block, Wooden Block, Claves, Bugle, Belltree Stand, Temple Block, Rtchet, Tom Tom, Calf and Goat Skin, etc.
  • Precision Drum Company - Material to recover and restore drums, as well as components to build new drums.
  • Premier Percussion USA - Fine drums and percussion.
  • Porkpie Percussion - Full line of drums, junior drums, and snares.
  • Pro-Mark Sticks - Everything about ProMark you'd want to know.
  • Pure Drums - Innovative custom drums and other percussion products.
  • Regal Tip - Sticks, sticks, and sticks. You wants sticks?...
  • Remo, Inc. - Drumheads and drums.
  • R.E.T. Percussion - R.E.T. Percussion's mission is to bring you the best of both worlds by combining acoustic and electronic drum products. We create the highest quality electronic drums through Custom Shop features and design. The Natural Series is an electronic drum set that is for the studio, churches, home and the stage. These beautiful hand stained shells come in six different colors, or custom stained to your choice. Each electronic drum is built with precision by Rhythm Electronic Technology.
  • Reunion Blues - Stick bags and cymbal bags.
  • Rhythm Industries - Manufacturer of Tambourine, Bodhran, Djembe, Toys Drum, Hand Drum, Plenera Drum, Frame Drum, Conga, Bongo, Bagpipe, Harp, Practice Chanter, Horn, Cymbals, Dumbeck, Talking Drum, Maracas, Ocarina, Wooden Spoon, Castanets, Agogo, Tone Block, Wooden Block, Claves, Bugle, Bell Tree Stand, Tample Block ,Ratchet, Tom Tom, Calf And Goat Skin, Arabian Instruments, etc.
  • Rhythm Tech - Leading percussion manufacturer.
  • The RimRiser Cross Stick Performance Enhancer - The RimRiser is a new product that allows the drummer the perfect cross stick sound EVERY time.The raising of the rim allows for a better grip on the stick. Modern Drummer hailed this product, as well as drummers all around the country.
  • Roland Electronic Drums - The Official Roland U.S. Homepage.
  • Roland World Wide - International Roland site. Different than their U.S. site.
  • RTOM - Maker of Moongel practice pads
  • Rudi-Pad - Drum practice pad and Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments in one. Get a great workout. Roll it up and go!
  • Rushat International - We manufacture djembes in single piece wood using alpine ropes and selected goat skin all djembes are made from seasoned shells only looking for distributors worldwide.
  • Sabian Cymbals - Includes dealer listings, drummer setup info and event calendar.
  • Saluda Cymbals - A new cymbal company offering a new choice in cymbals.
  • Sampleheads - Manufacturers and retailers of drum sample CDs.
  • San Francisco Drum Company - A boutique manufacturer of custom drums which capture the look and sound of the classic American drums of yesteryear.
  • Sennheiser Microphones - Headphones, microphones, wireless systems, and Neumann microphones.
  • Shafer's Electronic Percussion - The answer to the electronic drummer on a budget.
  • Shure - Not terribly pretty, but alot of info including online catalog and job postings!
  • Simmons Electronic Percussion - Not the official Simmons site, but does have their e-mail address. (Why would the world's most innovative drum maker not have their own website? Go figure....)
  • SKB - Makers of roto-mold drum cases.
  • Sleeping Sun Drums - Native american drums. Just about as basic a web page as you can get!
  • Slingerland Drums - If you can figure out what the background is, let me know! Nice site, otherwise.
  • Slug Percussion Products - US Manufacturer of Professional Drumming Accesories.
  • SnareSkinz - Unique drum wraps featuring high resolution graphics printed on a super-strong, proprietary material, then sealed with a high-heat lamination for decades of protection. Perfect for recovering old drum finishes or adding attitude to your current set. Over 100 designs available!
  • Sonor Drums - Products, education, artists.
  • Spirit Drums Australia - The ultimate solid shell drums - handcrafted from Ironwood, one of the world's hardest timbers.
  • Spotswood Custom Computers, Inc. - Manufacturer of custom, round, wood, PC cases for the PC enthusiast, gamer, modder and do-it-yourselfer. (Ed. - Hint - they're for DRUMMERS!)
  • Stick-Flip - Stick-Flip is a product used to flip drumsticks in the air, high or low perfect every time. Your own personal roadie. I also invented the Stick-Flip series drumsticks made for spinning and flipping by Xcell Drumsticks.
  • Sticks Grip - Sticks Grip is a liquid that has a patented grit and adds almost no weight to the sticks. One 8 oz. can will coat over 100 sticks.
  • Sunlite Industrial Corp. - Entry-level drumset manufacturer.
  • Supreme Drums - Makers of the world's biggest drum. Really.
  • Taos Drums - Native craftsmen from Taos Pueble continue the age-old tradition of drum making.
  • Tama - Lots of good stuff on this site!
  • Taye - Professional drums for a fraction of the price.
  • Thunder Heart Drums - Djembes, Ashikos, Djun Djuns and Council drums.
  • TOCA - Drums and percussion. Part of the Kaman site.
  • Tribes Drums - Handmade ethnic drums.
  • Trigger Perfect, Inc. - Trigger Perfect's complete line of drum triggers.
  • UE Systems - Makers of Ultimate Ears personal monitor systems.
  • UFIP Cymbals - The official UFIP site.
  • Unigrip - Drumsticks and accessories.
  • United Percussion - Percussion instruments, marching band items, promotional products.
  • Universal Percussion - Manufacturers and distributors of professional percussion products.
  • Vater Percussion - Vater sticks : good wood.....perfected!
  • Vaughncraft - Manufacturer of solid single-ply drum shells (maple, cherry, walnut, white ash, red oak, bubunga, rosewood, zebrawood, birdseye maple, purpleheart, etc.).
  • Vic Firth - They do drumsticks.
  • Viper Drums - Custom Drum Shop. Everything you need in drums right here. Lessons/Custom Drum Sales/Parts/Service/Repairs.
  • Verisonic - The original aluminum drumsticks and brushes.
  • Village Drum - Tunable hand drums and othe pecussion instruments. The site has catalog with lots of pics.
  • Vintage Logos - Choose a VividHead from our Catalog or create your own Custom VividHead using your photos, logos and digital files. We also provide Graphic Design Services. Images are printed in photo-realistic quality and made with Aquarian � single-ply drumheads.
  • Visu-Lite - Makes neat electronic drum accessories, particularly cymbals.
  • Volume Disk Manufacturing - CD and DVD replication.
  • Webb's Utility Tray - Holds drum machines, drinks, ashtrays, etc. Allows for easy access during sets.
  • Witt Percussion - Sales of steambent shells and snare drums.
  • XL Specialty Percussion Co. - Makers of Protechtor drum cases.
  • Yamaha Drums - Lots of stuff from Yamaha.
  • Zendrum - Unique midi percussion controller worn like a guitar.
  • Zildjian - The official Web Site of the Avedis Zildjian Company, the world's leading Cymbal and Drumstick maker.
  • ZOGS - ZOGS are nylon shoulder washers that replace metal washers, and eliminate drum rattle, maintain desired tuning, prevent backout.

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