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The Killer #1

   We have many good tools available to us to help us develop good technique and killer chops. Technique and chops are always first and foremost a means to an end: being the best drummer we can be and servicing the music.

   One thing that stands in the way of many drummers is the ability to play fast, using single- and double-stroke notes. But, what about triple- and quadruple-stroke notes? How can these help us in our drumming?

The Concept

   These exercises, taken as a whole, can help us in the development of very fast hands, with the ability to play many different rhythms at any speed. It may seem simple, but there is alot of technical depth to be mined from a daily application of what you will read on this page. It will help you successfully pursue other areas of your drumming; suddenly, your hand speed is no longer an issue!


   I am going to list all of these "Killer" exercises in order. Individual exercises really need no explanation.

   Here's how you approach this lesson:

  1. Set a metronome speed (if you don't have a metronome, buy one).
  2. Begin with Exercise #1. Always.
  3. Play this exercise through 50 times (this means take the repeat 50 times).
  4. Move on to Exercise #2. Do it 50 times.
  5. Go through each and every exercise on this page inone practice session; do each 50 times, no less.

   Here's what you'll find: at first you will think the tempo too slow, until you get to Exercise #4, that is. Maintain the metrome tempo throughout the entire practice! Your arms will burn, but that's good. Don't slow down! If the end exercises are too fast to start out, then go back to Exercise #1 and start over at a slower speed.

   After a time you will be able to increase the tempo. This is where you build your chops and hand speed.

   Do this every day for one month at the beginning of your practice session and you will be absolutely amazed at your improvement.

    Exercise #1

    Exercise #2

    Exercise #3

    Exercise #4

    Exercise #5

    Exercise #6

    Exercise #7

    Exercise #8


   Be persistent. As you begin this you will think it's stupid, and boring. It may be boring, but it's not stupid. Many top drummers have done this exercise, and it's one of the reasons they are a top drummer.

   Next month I am going to show you some other technique-building exercises in The Killer 2, along with suggestions on how to develop your own exercises. So, do these and lay a foundation for next month's Lesson!

   As always, let me know how you've done!

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