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  • AATMI Djembe - West african musical instruments and drums, designed created and sold by the group AATMI Djembe.
  • About Steel Drums - Read the short history of steel drums, then explore other online links.
  • African Polyrhythms - MIDI adaptations of the book Ancient Traditions--Future Possibilities, by Matthew Montfort.
  • Ancient Future's World Rhythms Page - World rhythms.
  • Columbia Products International, Inc. - Manufacturers and wholesale distributors of Ethnic, Folks, Percussion Musical Instruments. Lowest factory direct prices.
  • The Drummers Lounge - Comprehensive drum and percussion encyclopedia. Online store to purchase instruments from around the globe. Interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Arthur Hull - Ethnic Drumming Circle stuff.
  • Kamuran's Guide for Doumbek Players - An online guide for the doumbek player. Notation and difficulty ratings for dozens of rhythms, notes on how to make specific drum sounds, handouts, articles, and links to other useful Web sites.
  • B. Rad Percussion - High-tech Talking Drums with foot-action pitch change.
  • Sandip Bhattacharya - Website of Indian Tablaplayer Sandip Bhattacharya who is active in Indian Classical music, Jazz- and Worldmusic.
  • BrazilianMusic.com - Brazilian Music.com is dedicated to bring to national and international audiences the best of today's Brazilian Music.
  • Caribbean Rhythms, Inc. - Makers of ethnic percussion.
  • Cedar Mountain Drums - Native American Style Hoop Drums (hand drums). Custom orders welcome.
  • Central Indiana Drum Circle - Join our drum circle held in Fortville Park, Fortville, IN held every 1st Sat of the month from 8pm to 11pm. Or if you are interested in finding other hand drummers in the Indiana area go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/indydrumcircles/
  • The Didgeridoo Page - About all you need to know about this Australian aboriginal instrument.
  • Djembe Dunun Drumset - Maarten Schepers' website, author of a new instructional book called "Djembe Dunun Drumset, Traditional Malinke rhythms and drumset adaptation" (ID Music).
  • Djimbefoland - You have entered the hyper-land of the djembé. Interesting site; check it out.
  • The Doumbek - A Doumbek information site.
  • Doumbek Rhythms - A guide to drumming and Middle Eastern Rhythms on the doumbek.
  • Drum Bum - T-shirts and stuff for Drummers, including shirts specifically suited for ethnic percussionists and those in drum circles.
  • Drum Call UK Drumming Guide - The Internet guide to hand-drumming in the UK.
  • Drumming the Gods: Introduction - A selection of Santeria rhythms.
  • Encyclopedia of Percussion - Database search engine on percussion.
  • Everything Musical Instruments - Manufacturers and Exporters of Percussion, Ethnic and Folk Musical Instruments and are looking for Importers and Dealers worldwide.
  • Foundation Course In African Dance Drumming - Preview of a forthcoming LearningWare CDROM.
  • Jorge's Conga Drumming Page - A basic, thorough hobbyists site.
  • Kesslari's Advanced Doumbek Rhythms - An interesting collection of rhythms for the Doumbek.
  • Learning Middle Eastern Percussion - Resource database for those interested in MEP, or bellydancing!
  • Legacy Rhythms Hand Drums - Authentic handcrafted hand drums, percussion & accessories (hand drums like African djembes, bongos, and congas).
  • Leslie & Company - We are manufacturers of high quality musical instruments, bagpipes, djembes, bongos, cangos, percussion instruments, etc, etc.
  • LiminaImports.com - Premier quality Djembes of all sizes from Senegal, at the very best wholesale & retail prices.
  • M.A.S. Imports, Inc. - Importers of Djembes, Bongos, Congas, Metal & Ceramic Doumbecks, Goat skin Heads, Tambourines, Bodhrans, Talking drums, Marracas, Claves, Indian Tabla Drum sets, Ashikos, sittars, Harps, China bells, etc.
  • Merchandisers International - Manufactuers and Exporters of Percussion, Ethnic, and Folk Musical Instruments.
  • The Pan Page - A forum for the Steel Pan instrument. Very nice.
  • Punjab Music House - Manufacturers/Exporters of musical, percussion, ethnic, bagpipes, wind, and brass instruments since 1935 in Pakistan.
  • Rhythm Kitchen - Rhythm based experiential learning programs using African and Afro-Caribbean percussion. Also drum sales and repair.
  • David Roman Drums - Inventors and makers of pneumatic tuneable percussion instruments.
  • Rootsworld - Traditional drum music of the Firdu Fula people of West Africa.
  • Steel Pan Tuning - A handbook for Steel Pan making and tuning. Absolutely fabulous; all you need! Bookmark it!
  • TABLAbase - Information on the history, design, acoustics, of the tabla, including a tabla composition database search engine.
  • Tabla Master - Ustad Kadar Khan - Find information about studying the art of Indian tabla. Learn about the Dehli, Ajrara, Farukhabad, and Lucknow gharanas.
  • Taikos.com - Artisan Crafted Japanese Taiko Drums. Offering a full range of hand made Taiko including Shime Daiko , Okedo Daiko, Hira Daiko, Katsugi, Nagado Daiko, stands, bachi and heads.
  • Tzara's Tabla Home Page - Comprehensive Tabla site.
  • The Village Pulse Outpost - A catalog of Village Pulse recordings.
  • Wooden Voices - Hand Made drums and Exotic musical instruments from around the World!
  • WorldMusicalInstruments.com - Selling world musical instruments such as African djembe drums, Indian tabla drums, bodhran and other frame drums, doumbek, cajons, conga drums, cuica, dhol, jug drum, mridangam, pandeiro. Also ethnic wind, string and small percussion instruments.
  • The World of Classical Tabla - Tons of video and audio of Jim Feist performing on tabla. [Probably the best site on Tabla essentials - You can learn this instrument form the excellent videos. - Ed.]
  • World Rhythm Training - Categorized by geography.
  • World-Wide Samba Home Page - The most comprehensive list of samba links and connections anywhere in the world.

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