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The Killer #2

   Last month's Killer lesson had eight exercises designed to improve strength and technique. This month we will expand on that somewhat, mostly in concept.

The Concept

   Last month's lesson (Killer #1) gave us eight exercises of increasing difficulty. Looking back, however, we see that they all progressed logically and simply.

   We started out with LR LR LR LR:| We added one sticking to each hand through all eight exercises: LLRR, LLLRRR, LLLLRRRR, LLLLLRRRRR, etc. Each hand mirrored the other.

   But what happens to the technique we build up when one hand does not mirror the other? LRR, LLLRR, LLRRRR? How do we cope with these?

   This month I'm going to give you some examples of odd-phrased killers; these are by no means exhaustive, nor are they intended to be. As in past lessons, I want you to dig out your staff paper and write your own Killer lessons! Use mine as a jumping-off point.


   As with last month, approach this lesson like this:

  1. Set a metronome speed (if you don't have a metronome, buy one).
  2. Play Exercise #1 through 50 times (this means take the repeat 50 times).
  3. Move on to the next Exercise. Do it 50 times.
  4. Go through each and every exercise on this page inone practice session; do each 50 times, no less.
  5. Work your own original Exercises into the routine.

    Exercise #1

    Exercise #2

    Exercise #3

    Exercise #4

    Exercise #5

    Exercise #6

    Exercise #7

    Exercise #8


   As you work through these begin thinking of odd patterns of your own; write them down. The End Is Listless, as they say. Once you begin to get the hang of this and your speed develops, start treating some of these as true double-stroke or triple-stroke notes, bouncing the stick as you would a double- or triple-stroke roll.

   The book "Stick Control" by George Stone is full of exercises like this.

   As always, let me know how you've done!

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